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amazon com new avengers vol 1 breakout 9780785114796 - brian michael bendis is an award winning comics creator new york times bestseller and is the current writer of all new x men and uncanny x men which debuted at number one on national sales charts, amazon com new avengers vol 1 9780785148739 brian - after the events of avengers disassembled the avengers are no more this takes place awhile after that with a breakout at a super prison in the middle of new york for some reason, the new avengers comics wikipedia - volume 1 2005 2010 the new avengers is a spin off of the long running marvel comics series the avengers the first issue written by brian michael bendis and penciled by david finch was dated january 2005 but appeared in november 2004 finch penciled the first six issues and issues 11 13 succeeding pencilers with multiple issue runs include steve mcniven leinil francis yu billy tan and, list of new avengers story arcs wikipedia - storylines the plot events are described below using in universe tone vol 1 breakout issues 1 6 electro causes a mass supervillain break out at the raft a supervillain prison releasing supervillains from their cells forty two escape but the remaining criminals are contained thanks to the intervention of captain america iron man luke cage jessica drew spider man and matt murdock, avengers infinity war film tv tropes - avengers infinity war is a 2018 superhero film and the nineteenth film entry of the marvel cinematic universe as well as the third avengers film overall it is directed by joe anthony russo and written by christopher markus stephen mcfeely the team behind the second and third captain america films this team would go on to complete this movie s sequel which concludes the story arc, avengers age of ultron disney wiki fandom powered by - avengers age of ultron also known as marvel s avengers age of ultron or just simply avengers 2 is a 2015 american superhero film produced by marvel studios and distributed by walt disney studios motion pictures based on the marvel comics superhero team of the same name it is the sequel to, anthony stark earth 616 marvel database fandom - this is an abridged version of tony stark s history for a complete history see tony stark s expanded history the biological parents of tony stark were two s h i e l d agents amanda armstrong and jude who met during a courier mission after jude saved amanda from an assassin they got to know